Develop & implement a management system

We help you to understand the standard's requirements, and to translate them into practical tools, that help you gain better control of your processes, improve efficiency and avoid wasting resources.

You wish to develop and implement a management system because your customers or the authorities require you to do so? Or because you know this will help you to improve your performance in the fields of safety & health, quality or environment? We help you do exactly what is required, not more, not less.

Management systems - especially in the quality field - have long been perceived as paper-generating and void of added value. And rightly so, most systems have been developed to address every single sentence in the standard, without consideration for the organisation's needs in terms of (quality) management.

How does this work

STEP 1: identify your exact needs, e.g. applicable standard(s), part of the organisation within the scope, deadlines, training requirements, complexity of processes, .... Identify the relevant processes (e.g. production, maintenance, sales & marketing, ...), and the important hold points in these, and draw up an inventory of the existing documentation.

STEP 2: you get a lean and effective management system, covering what is required by the standard(s), in the most appropriate form.

STEP 3: implementation of the system, from communication, training, coaching, to monitoring the implementation process, correction whenever the system shows room for improvement, and evaluation of the result at regular intervals.

Our services

Management systems

Need to develop, implement or improve your management system?

Health & Safety in practice

H&S inspector or coordinator needed? You want external advice on complex saftey problems?


Training needs in H&S, quality or related areas?

Other support

You believe that you need someone evaluate a problem related to management, quality, safety or environment?


Most common standards: ISO9001:2008 for Quality
ISO14001:2004 for Environment
OHSAS18001:2007 for Safety
VCA 2008/05 for Contractor Safe