Internal audit

The value and success of internal audits depend on the quality of the auditors. To audit effectively and to do so in an efficient way, they need to be acquainted with the audit process, from preparation through reporting.
If these auditors are also required to assess accordance with a standard (e.g. ISO9001, ISO14001, ...), a good understanding of the requirements and their meaning in practice is indispensable.
When the auditors are going to audit processes, they need to be able to discern the critical points in processes, in order to be able to verify these sufficiently in their audit programme.

Safety awareness

You have your safety process in place, but how do you mobilise your workforce for this subject? Allow them to follow a basic safety training that discusses both the (legal) background and the practical side.Obviously, this training is tailored to your specific situation.

Changing safety behaviour and attitude only succeeds when managers, who should lead by example, assist in making this venture sccessful. They will benefit from a specific training for executives, which takes into consideration your activities and specific situation.


Are you looking for a training without finding something that fits your need, or are you uncertain about what you need, ask for a tailor-made solution. The big advantage of this lies in the fact that examples and practices during the course are taken from the participants' work environment.

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